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New in Dradis Pro v1.11

Today we’re happy to announce a new release of Dradis Professional Edition: Dradis Pro v1.11. Dradis is a collaboration and report generation tool for information security teams.

The community of Dradis users is very passionate about their craft and they rely on us to run their infosec practice. We live to make their lives better by moving out of their lives as much of the grudge work and repetition involved in delivering each project. Part of that effort also consists on creating great documentation to make the most out of Dradis, and we have two new manuals:

  • Working with projects: covering every module you will use on a day-to-day basis when running a project with Dradis.
  • Custom Word reports: showing you how our flexible reporting engine can be used to adapt your existing report template.

As promised a few months ago, we keep our focus on software quality and continuously raising the bar for ourselves. As a result this release is more about stability, performance, and enhancing existing functionality than it is about introducing flashy new features (not that we’re not working on flashy new features, of course we are, and they’ll blow your socks off when you see them, but they are not part of this release ;)).

Without further ado, the highlights of this release:

  • Performance improvements for really large projects. Running internal assessments with 100s of hosts and 1000s of vulnerabilities is completely painless.
  • Enhancements to the reporting engine:
    • Filter Issues by tag
    • Better screenshot support
    • Better paragraph / text styling detection
    • Better internal formatting (when inside Word tables)
    • Background report generation
  • Onboarding Tour for new users
  • In-project methodology editor
  • Drop old interface support
  • Bugs fixed: #20, #24, #50, #52, #55, #74, #142, #143, #146, #147, #151, #159

How to upgrade to Dradis Pro v1.11?

Just head over to the release page and follow the instructions:

Still not a Dradis user?

These are some of the benefits you’re missing out:

Read more about Dradis Pro’s time-saving features and pricing. Or if you want to start from the beginning, read the the 1-page summary.