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New in Dradis Pro v1.9

Today we’re happy to announce a new release of Dradis Professional Edition: Dradis Pro v1.9. Start thinking about what you are going to do in 2014 with all the report-writing hours that Dradis will save you from spending 🙂

This release brings new features and improvements at almost every level:

  • Redesigned interface (see below).
  • New management console and upgrade process (see below).
  • A faster, more reliable stack (see below).
  • Enhancements to reporting engine:
    – Custom Word tables (read more)
    – Mix Issues as Notes throughout the template
  • Drag’n’drop report template manager (read more).
  • Add methodologies and checklists to your project templates.
  • And of course bug fixes, lots of bug fixes (#7, #22, #26, #33, #34, #46, #47, #51, #59,… )

Lets get a closer look of some of the most significant enhancements…

New interface

Throughout 2013 Dradis Pro has been used by dozens of organizations around the world to manage hundreds of security engagements. Each project is a complex mix of tasks: writing up a vulnerability, processing the output of a tool, uploading a screenshot, etc. We have redesigned the Dradis interface to declutter your project workspace and make it easier to perform those tasks that you need to do several times per day.

Without further ado, the new Dradis Pro v1.9 interface:


A clean layout that lets you focus on what’s important: your findings. It’s also fluid which will help you make the most of your wide screen.

Here are a few additional close-ups, and yes, you can drag’n’drop your attachments or even paste your screenshots directly, without saving them on a file (if your browser supports it).



Management console & upgrade process

From now on upgrading your Dradis Pro install will be even easier. We’ve created a new management console that lets you apply updates without leaving your browser window.


Apart from the new Dradis CIC, we’ve also made significant changes to the base operating system layer of the Dradis Pro virtual appliance, you should upgrade as soon as possible (review the Exporting, importing and backing up your data step-by-step guide).

New stack: Ruby 2.0, Unicorn, and Nginx goodness

With Dradis Pro v1.9 we’re upgrading the base stack that powers the application.

The new stack is significantly faster and more efficient (it’s the same one that people like Github, Airbnb or ZenDesk are using). From the user’s point of view, you’ll just notice better performance under the hood.

We’ve also made some changes to the internals of the appliance paving the road to more advanced CIC operations (like restarting services from the administration console). We’ve also taken steps to make sure that further tweaking the stack will be a painless process, which will make things easier in the long run.

Still not a Dradis Pro user?

These are some of the benefits you are missing out:

Read more about Dradis Pro’s time-saving features.