Upcoming in Dradis Pro v1.9: report template manager

In this post we introduce another new feature of the upcoming version of Dradis Professional Edition: the new report template manager. Our previous post on the Upcoming in Dradis Pro v1.9 series was about custom Word tables.

Why do we need a report template manager?

There are several use cases for being able to manage multiple different report templates: your organisation may use different report templates for different project types (e.g. a webapp assessment vs. a vulnerability scan), or maybe some of your clients want you to use their own reporting template, or maybe you are thinking about going freelance or being a subcontractor so you have to use different templates when you are contracting for different security service vendors. The reason doesn’t really matter, what matters is that from now on, you can forget about your multiple template requirements, work as you always work in your Dradis project and then when the time to generate the report with one click comes, you can pick the right template and generate a full featured report with just 1 click.

The new template manager complements the Export Manager that we introduced in the current version to allow for more complex multi-template workflows.


You can use the report template manager to easily drag and drop new template files and associate them with each of the export plugins (even the custom plugins you create):

A screenshot of the new report template manager that shows a drop zone area to upload new templates and a list of already uploaded templates.

Pro tip: if you are using Chrome, you can Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v to paste the file into your browser window.

A screenshot of the report template manager showing the view you get when a given plugin doesn't have any templates yet

More information

Dradis Professional edition helps you manage your information security projects. Collate information from multiple tools and generate reports with just 1 click.

If you are not a Dradis Pro user yet, you can read more about our painless 1-click reporting, merging tool output from your favorite tools into a single report and delivering consistent results using testing methodologies with our tool. Get a subscription and start saving yourself some time today.

When is v1.9 going to be out?

Soon! We’re just working on the finishing touches. Subscribe to the newsletter below to get updates in your inbox, and follow us on Twitter: @dradispro.

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