New in Dradis Pro v1.7

Today we have pushed a new version of Dradis Professional Edition: Dradis Pro v1.7. This is the result of eight months of hard work, a bit longer than usual, but the release is packed with lots of handy improvements.

Here are some changes:

  • New Issue/Evidence architecture: read about why this is a big deal.
  • New all-in-one view (more below).
  • New “by host” and “by issue” reporting (more below).
  • New default project / report template: to make it easy for you to build on top of it.
  • New interface to import Issues from external sources.
  • New Qualys upload plugin.
  • Updated plugins
    • Burp upload
      • Generates Issue/Evidence
      • Is orders of magnitude faster.
      • Integrates with the Plugin Manager.
    • MediaWiki import is now compatible with versions 1.14 -> 1.21
    • Nessus upload generates Issue/Evidence
    • Nexpose upload generates Issue/Evidence
  • Updates and internal improvements:
    • Updated to Rails 3.2.13
    • Improved code block and table styling

All-in-one view

Notes, issues and attachments all in a single place:

A screenshot showing note contents, issues and attachments in one page

And an improved interface to import form external sources:

Screenshot f the new one-click importer

And of course, you also get Dradis’ Smart Refresh goodness:

More screenshots

“By host” and “By issue” reporting

We have discussed multiple times how providing a useful deliverable is part of what makes a pentest firm great. With this release of Dradis Pro we’re introducing even more flexibility to our reporting engine.


It is now possible to write an issue description once and associate it will multiple hosts. Then in your report you can either present each issue along with all the affected hosts (and associated evidence) or the other way round: a host-by-host summary where you least each host under scope along with all the issues that affect it.


This flexibility is what saves our users 2 hours of reporting time in every project.

Still not a Dradis Pro user?

These are some of the benefits you are missing out:

Read more about Dradis Pro’s time-saving features.

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