Upcoming in Dradis Pro v1.7: New interface

The release of Dradis Pro is getting closer. We’re in feature freeze now, just adding the finishing touches.

The new Dradis Pro v1.7 all-in-one view

One of the things I’m more excited about is the new interface we have created:

Screenshot of the new all-in-one view

The focus is on simplifying access to the common tasks, those that you perform multiple times each day: creating Issues, adding notes, uploading attachments, etc.

The all-in-one view lets you see all your notes, issues and attachments in the same place, no need to go back and forth between the tabs.

A screenshot showing note contents, issues and attachments in one page

Conveniently import from external sources

Another area that has been simplified is the interface to import notes from external sources. The steps before:

  1. Click on “Import note…” tab
  2. Select the external source from the drop down menu
  3. Select the filter (among those provided by this particular external source)
  4. Type in the search term and hit Enter
  5. Right-click on the results grid and select Import

Screenshot of the old note importer

The steps now:

  1. Click on the “All issue” node
  2. Enter search term in the appropriate box and hit Enter
  3. Click on “Add this issue”

Screenshot f the new one-click importer

Screenshot showing the 'add this issue' detail of the new Importer

A few more screenshots (click to enlarge):

Use note templates to quickly create new issues

Detail of the Issue contents

Detail of the affected nodes and evidence for a given issue

Note how a given issue may be associated with multiple instances on a given host. For example, an Out-of-date Apache server can affect both tcp/80 and tcp/443

More information

If you are an existing Dradis Pro user, you can already take advantage of all this features without having to wait until the release of v1.7. We have also prepared a step-by-step reporting guide for you:

Reporting by host, reporting by issue

If you are not a user yet, you can read more about cutting your reporting time, putting external tools to work for you (and not against you) and delivering consistent results with our tool. Get a license and start saving yourself some time today.

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