VulnDB HQ: a few small productivity boosters

We have a new Dashboard for VulnDB HQ:

It presents your private repo’s changes before anything else and we’ve also mixed Page and Methodology entries so get a proper view of recent changes.

Oh, and did you notice the handy links on the sidebar box? We’ve added some additional boxes here and there with links and contextual help:

Last but not least, something those of you with a few hundred entries will find really useful. We’ve added a super fast quick search box to the Pages module. No Ajax, no server round-trip, no nothing, it just hides everything you’re not interested in:

So that’s it for now.

Even when we are not adding brand new features we are still figuring out what bits and pieces we could improve that will make the experience a lot better. Stay tuned for updates!

And be sure to let us know your thoughts on what other improvements you’d like us to add.

The @VulndbHQ Team

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