Upcoming in Dradis Pro v1.6: checklists and methodologies

One of the main benefits of using Dradis Pro is that it simplifies the task of producing consistent results.

We have just introduced a new feature in our development release is support for checklists (yes, you get early access to features before they are shipped in each major release.

This is a big deal for a few reasons:

  • Never forget any steps. No loose ends. Useful even if you’re a freelancer.
  • Great for learning / bringing people up-to-speed.
  • You can create checklists for new technologies the first time around and reuse them months down the line when you need them again.

A few screenshots are in order:

And you can have a pool of checklists and use the one that best fits with each project:

And of course, status is maintained and shared with all team members working with you:

If you are already managing your testing methodologies with VulnDB HQ (What? Can I do that? Of course!), watch this space because seamless integration is around the corner.

Still not a Dradis Pro user?

No problem! You can join dozens of organizations already benefiting from a more consistent approach to security testing.

These are some of the benefits you are missing out:

  • Less time writing reports
  • Provide a consistent experience to your customers
  • Pro is reliable, up-to-date and with comes with quality support

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