VulnDB HQ – Manage what you know

We have reached an important milestone in the development of VulnDB HQ: it is now possible to manage testing methodologies through the service.

Will this make people’s lives meaningfully better? We hope so! This is why we think it is a great idea:

  • These will be organic documents, easy to use and easy to update. Forget storing a Word document in a network share to never again update it.
  • Did someone in the team find a cool resource or tool? Add it so everyone uses it from now on.
  • Some testing projects are not that common (IBM MQ review anyone?), if you save your notes today, they will be available for you next time round when you need them.
  • Do you need to quickly bring up to speed someone in a new technology for a last-minute requirement? With a testing methodology to follow that’s a lot easier.

Oh, and of course, we will build up a public repository of testing methodologies and will share it with our users.

Without further ado, here are some screenshots of the methodology builder:

Excited yet? Visit us at, learn more about why you should use VulnDB HQ or take a Tour of the service.

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