Drag’n’drop attachment uploads

Up until now, adding screenshots to your notes has been a bit problematic. You had to go to the Attachments upload the image, click, get the URL, go back to the Notes tab, open the editor and paste the link. This lead to a very upvoted feature request: Add image upload functionality to Note Editor.

Recently we’ve managed to sort this out and create a much cleaner solution to solve this problem: you can now drag and drop files to the Editor window, upload and copy the resulting attachment URLs to use them in the note’s text. Let me show you how:

When invoking the note Editor (either from the add note button or double-clicking on an existing note), apart from the familiar Write and Preview tabs, there will be a third tab: Attachments.

This tab features a drop zone and some controls to manage the upload process. You can drag files from your desktop into the drop zone to stage them for upload:

Have you noticed the preview images you get even before uploading anything?

Anyway, you can upload them one at a time using the controls in each row or all at once using the general controls below the drop zone.

Once they are uploaded a link is provided to each attachment. You can right-click on the link to copy the attachment’s URL for use in your notes.

The drag’n’drop feature is dependent on your browser, you will need Firefox 4.0+, Google Chrome or Safari 5.0+.

This feature is already available in the master branch of the Dradis Community and Dradis Professional editions.

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