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Upcoming in Dradis Pro v1.5: the Plugin Manager

The Plugin Manager puts all the Dradis Plugins plugins to work for your organization.

You will be able to customize how the different plugins create their notes. This means that all plugins can generate notes in exactly the format you need for your report template.

This is what the main interface looks like:

And the note template editor with live preview:

Each plugin defines a list of available fields so you know which ones you can use in your template:

Think about it, you can customize the notes created by the Nessus and NeXpose plugins to use the fields that you need for your report. And if you change your mind and update your report or change the nomenclature? With the Plugin Manager, tweaking the plugin’s behavior is seconds away.

Still not a Dradis Pro user?

Join dozens of organizations already benefiting from a more consistent approach to security testing.

These are some of the benefits you are missing out:

  • Less time writing reports
  • Provide a consistent experience to your customers
  • Pro is reliable, up-to-date and with comes with quality support

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