Copying your VulnDB entries across to your VulnDB HQ account

A few months ago we launched VulnDB HQ our platform to build and manage a database of entries for your reports (take a tour if you want to know more).

Some of our users have asked us what is the best way to port your legacy Vuln::DB entries into your VulnDB HQ account. First, you can use the API to build a custom script (checkout VulnDB HQ API v1 in our support site).

Alternatively you can use our migration script (vulndb_bridge.rb):

As you can see, this is a fairly basic Ruby script that leverages Rails’ ActiveResource library to communicate with both applications.

For instance, if your legacy Vuln::DB instance has the vulndb.local local DNS and your VulnDB HQ account is you should invoke the script as follows:

./vulndb_bridge.rb http://vulndb.local

Remember that the ‘@’ symbol in your email needs to be URL-encoded! Read more about authentication in the API guide.

Hope you find this useful.

Keep an eye on us: @vulndbhq

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