Include screenshots stored in Dradis in your Word report

Every week, a Dradis user somewhere is thinking: “Damn, it would be nice if I could get my screenshots in the Word report”. The problem has been discussed in the forum and the mailing list before, it is quite simple actually, we need a way to get our screenshots (stored in Dradis as attachments) into the final report.

Up until now I though that any solution to the problem would go through several layers of Word and WordML magic, packing and base64-encoding of the images, however, last week I realised that a simpler solution may exist. We are going to use a Word macro to do the heavy lifting.

The first thing we need is to upload our screenshot as an attachment in Dradis:

Then we need to include a reference to it in the text of our note. To do this, just double-click on the uploaded attachment and copy the URL assigned to it:

Note that in Textile (the markup language understood by Dradis) images are referenced by their URL between exclamation marks (!!). Make sure that the preview panel renders the image correctly. Otherwise review the URL:

(By the way, the screenshot is of the first entry from Google when searching for “Index of”)

So, the last thing we need to do is to assign this note to the WordExport ready category and generate our Word report (export > Word export > Generate report):

And here comes the magic. I have created a Word macro (DradisScreenshot) that parses your document, searches for !! and pulls the corresponding images from your Dradis server.

I’m working on a separate post describing the inner workings of the macro, including for instance why I could use a simpler approach (e.g. ) [hint, bad SSL cert + HTTP authentication]. In the mean time, you can just grab the code from GitHub: etdsoft/dradis-macros and start using it.

The result:

I’ve also added this as an icon in my “Quick Access Toolbar”:

Hope you find this quick tip useful. The code of the macro is sparsely documented but it should do the trick. Remember to assign the temporary directory and if you find any issues, please report them in the issue tracker.


  1. Grab the Word macro from GitHub: etdsoft/dradis-macros
  2. Enjoy

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