Monthly Archives: May 2011

New features in Vuln::DB

A new release of Vuln::DB (our vulnerability database product) was released this week with some exciting features to make our user’s day-to-day work a bit easier:

New write/preview editor
Our Textile editor now has a preview feature so you do not need to wait until you save before you can check out how your entry is going to be formatted:



Latest entries RSS feed
Your team can keep an eye on the latest entries added to the common vulnerability database through the new RSS feed:

Resizable text areas across the app
Notice the little blue icon on the bottom right corner of the text area below? That’s right, you can resize any text area in Vuln::DB. You never know when you’ll need more space.

Do you want to know more? Visit the Vuln::DB product page or contact us.

Open-source project released: passdb

On Wednesday we released passdb a Ruby gem to search’s default password database.

We have decided to host our gem’s source code in GitHub (which we will be using in the future to host all our open-source contributions). Find the repository, documentation and install instructions in:

Future plans for the library include adding an option to submit new entries, so the guys at can keep their database updated with the latest additions.

Feel free to fork and submit pull requests. If you find the library useful or have suggestions for improvements, we will love to hear about them.