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Dradis Framework presented in DEFCON 17

After much anticipation, we presented our framework at DEFCON 17 in Las Vegas this year.

picture by @roncharette

The talk went fine, good attendance and really good feedback and ideas from
the attendees. Thanks for coming to see us!

The updated set of slides has already been sent to the organisers so they
can update the official site. In the mean time:
Defcon17 – dradis Framework: sharing information will get you rootView more presentations from etd

Dradis 2.3 Released!

A new release full of DEFCON goodness:

  • server:
    • upload plugins. A new
      server plugin category: import into
      Dradis the contents of any file (nmap, nessus, etc.).
    • refactor the WordExport plugin:
      • create templates using Word only
      • convert any document into a Dradis template in < 10 minutes
      • read more about it the WordExport templates tutorial.
    • project management plugin update:
      • create project templates for future re-use (read methodologies)
      • export project in .zip format (DB + attachments)
      • import projects/templates
      • checkout / commit project revisions from and to the Meta-Server (stay tuned, soon to be released)
    • email connector: you can pipe emails into the
      framework and get your messages (and attachments) added into the
    • enhanced nodes tree: filtering and quick actions buttons
  • client:
    • new import extensions: Nessus and Qualys

download now