Mastering the Dradis Framework

A free, 7 lesson course that has helped 1,325+ IT Security experts
to spend more time testing and less time reporting. Ready to join?

About the Trainer

I'm Daniel Martin, for the last decade I've been working on Dradis every single day.

I created Dradis in 2007. Today I help InfoSec teams around the world work better, together.

Here's what you'll learn...

I've designed this course to give you a start-to-finish playbook for reliably getting the most out of Dradis. Each lesson is compact and succinct, and takes about 5 minutes to read. I've also included an interactive worksheet with each lesson that will help you apply it to your unique business.

  • Lesson 1 Choosing your tools and uploading results
  • Lesson 2 Generating your first automated report
  • Lesson 3 Save yourself some time by using templates
  • Lesson 4 Consistency and quality results using testing checklists
  • Lesson 5 Building a library of reusable vulnerability descriptions
  • Lesson 6 Archiving and backing up your projects
  • Lesson 7 How to spend more time in creative hacking in every project